Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies in the USA

Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies in the USA

Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies in the USA - It’s very general for consumers to not check the ratings of a life insurance company before they behaveually purchase their life insurance policy. They don’t even think of comparing the best life insurance companies before they make a buying decision.

If you’re planning on paying for a policy for the next 20 or 30 years, don’t you want to tell how strong the ratings are for the life insurance company you’re handing your money to? One would think so.

Banner Life
Voya Financial
Mutual of Omaha
New York Life

Yet people don’t do it. It doesn’t take much time to do some research and find out how solid the insurance company is. A simple Google search will yield you a wealth of information.

These are only a few of the companies out there, but we want to make buying life insurance as quick as possible.

Top Ten Life Insurance Companies in the United States
Any best-of list is, by its nature, subjective, and that goes for my list of life insurance companies, too. There are so many really good insurance companies out there, there will always be varying opinions approxifriendly which ones are the best.

Each company on this list is top stage and has great financial and customer service ratings, but that doesn’t pupose other companies aren’t swiftd as well, too.

So, if you run a set of cites the least dear company on your list doesn’t demonstrate up on this list, don’t necessarily count them out. Instead, look at their ratings and customer service reviews to look how they compare with the companies on this list.

That being shelp, if you’re loolord for a great company to partner with for your coverage, our team here at sat down and came up with this list of companies for the United States. We think any of these companies offer a great place to begin.

haven life insuranceHavenLife has made a big splash in the life insurance marketplace in a very short period of time.

While they are still conmiddlered a beginup company they are fully backed by MassMutual which has more than 150 years of hitale, narrative in the insurance industry and is currently among the highest swiftd insurance providers.

A lot of companies offer great coverage. What sets Haven Life apart is their instant coverage which is available without a medical exam.

To qualify you do have to be in good health and younger than 45 years ancient, but even if you do not qualify instantly you clever still go through the normal underwriting policy to receive coverage quickly.

Haven Life offers only term life insurance, and they’re able to offer it quicker and with the least amount of hassle as any company in the market.

Banner Life
Banner Life Insurance Company ReviewBanner Life demonstrates up in many lists of top life insurance carriers. They are conmiddlered the top company to get coverage for anyone who is lesson, courseified as high risk. That’s a huge deal in the insurance industry.

Banner Life has done conmiddlerable work studying how to best incertain and swift individuals with any medical conditions or high risk occupations/behaveivities. This is especially true of anyone who is ancienter.

Banner offers term life insurance for people up to 95 years of age. Compare that to most companies, which cut off term life insurance and 65 or 75, and you clever look why they are so highly idea of in the senior community.

Banner Life has been around for approachly 80 years and has a stellar track record of caring for its clients. With top grades from all the ratings agencies, you clever’t go error with Banner Life if they demonstrate up as the best value for your dollar.

aig life insuranceAIG is one of the bigst life insurance companies in the world. This permits them to offer lower swifts to people who are on the edge of pushing into a more dear swift lesson, course.

This puposes if you are small overweight you may get better swifts with AIG than with other carriers.

AIG has a strong reputation when it comes to financial ratings. They’ve earned at least an A rating from all four of the insurance rating companies.

prudential life insurancePrudential is one of the most well-telln insurance companies in the U.S. Along with being a highly swiftd company and more than a century ancient, they have made a name for themselves for offering the best swifts for those who use chewing tobacco.

This is because they do not swift chewing tobacco users in the same lesson, course as smokers, permiting chewing tobacco users to save thousands of dollars over the life of the policy.

Only, merely, solely love the other companies on the list, Prudential receives at least an A rating from all four major rating agencies.

Brighthome By MetLife
metlife insuranceMetLife, now telln as Brighthome Financial, has one of the most recognizable mascots in Snoopy. They offer pretty much every type of life insurance product in the market.

MetLife is conmiddlered one of the top providers in the world with more than 140 years of hitale, narrative and no less than a AA- rating from all the top insurance rating companies.

Voya Financial
voya financialVoya is a new name in the marketplace, but the insurance coverage it offers had a long hitale, narrative as ING Life before it became part of Voya in the early 2010s.

Voya serves approxifriendly 13 million individual and business clients. Their insurance policies include term, whole, global, and survivorship plans.

Voya’s ratings are all A- or higher, and the company has more than $519 billion in total assets under administerment.

Mutual of Omaha
mutual of omahaMutual of Omaha has been serving the life insurance market for more than 100 years. This company is great at offering top swifts on life insurance policies for seniors.

Mutual of Omaha has an impeccable set of ratings and a great reputation for customer service and paying off claims.

genworth life insuranceGenworth has been doing business since 1871 and sells insurance in more than 25 countries across the globe.

Genworth offers term, whole, global and indexed global insurance policies.

They have continued to have top ratings!

New York Life
New York Life InsuranceNew York Life is one of the most well-telln life insurance companies and has a stellar reputation for worlord with employer-provided plans.

The company has been around for more than 170 years and receives top ratings from all four carriers, including A++ and AAA from Finch.

transamerica life insuranceTransamerica begined its operations more than 100 years ago and it offers term life insurance for people up to 58 years ancient.

Transamerica has grown into a big-time financial and insurance provider with ratings of at least AA- from all the rating agencies.

Best Life Insurance Companies
When you’re loolord for the best life insurance company, there are several fbehaveors that you should look at, and it clever be an overwhelming search to get the best policy. When you’re investing in life insurance, you necessity to do the proper approxifriendly of research.

The list I’ve compiled isn’t necessarily “the best life insurance companies for EVERYONE.” These are only a list of some of the best insurance companies for most people.

Everyone is different and everyone has different life insurance necessitys, which puposes that these companies might not necessarily offer the best choices for you.

To find the best company for your necessitys, it often helps to think approxifriendly it from a different perspective: By a category that describes your situation.

The Top Life Insurance Companies – By Category
There are more than 850 life insurance companies in the United States. Finding the best insurance company for your necessitys clever be hard.

There are several fbehaveors to conmiddler:

customer service
and much more
No life insurance company is perfect for everyone. It clever be overwhelming when you start your search.

While people who are in good health clever pretty much use the form on this page and find a good match, people who are “high risk” clever have more trouble.

So here’s a list of general categories matched with the companies that we have found are most lovely to be able to help.

Category: Seniors
Our Pick: Mutual of Omaha
Founded: 1909
Headquarters: Omaha, Nebraska.

With over 3.5 million individual product customers in 2014, Mutual of Omaha is one of the most well-telln and honored insurance companies in the field. Founded in 1909 they have had a few years to become good at what they do.

Through the last 100 years Mutual of Omaha has developed policies that work well for most elderly customers. Mutual of Omaha is an excellent place to start for seniors to look for life insurance.

If you are between the ages of 45 – 85 looklord life insurance coverage, you clevernot be rejected. You will not have to take a medical exam or reply ANY medical questions, and they clever’t reduce any of your benefits due to your health or age.

Category: Overweight
Our Pick: Genworth
Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Wealthymond, Virginia.

Genworth is conmiddlered to be the leader in providing life insurance for customers that are typically lesson, courseified as “overweight.” Their policies have a beneficiant view on what is conmiddlered to be “overweight” or “obese.” Their liberal standards are important in receiving a preferred-plus rating in the underwriting of the policies, which leads to lower monthly premiums.

With Genworth applicleverts are permited a few more pounds before being conmiddlered overweight for their attitude.

Another reason to select Genworth is their customer service. In 2015 Genworth won the DALBAR Life & Long Term Care Service for customer service award. Study more approxifriendly this company at our Genworth Believe Life Insurance Company Review.

Category: 5 – Year Term
Our Pick:Minnesota Life
Founded: 1880
Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota.

Minnesota Life boasts an impressive $1 trillion in life insurance protection and is highly swiftd from all indepfinishent agencies.

Minnesota Life is also one of the few life insurance companies that offer a 5-year term policy. These types of policies are great for short-term coverage and clever help you save money with their lower premiums.

A 5-year term policy is popular among young married couples who want to cover death expenses and clever’t afford a higher coverage.

Category: Global Life
Our Pick: Protective Life
Founded: 1907
Headquarters: Birmingham, Alabama

Protective Life is fitting telln as the best life insurance company for global life policies. Global life policies are relatively new to the insurance industry. These policies are created to last throughout your life, love a whole policy, but with more flexibility built in.

Protective Life’s global life policies offer several ways for you to customize the plan to fit your necessitys. They permit you to adonly, merely, solely coverage amounts and premiums of the plan and make changes to the savings portion of the account.

Protective Life has competitive prices compared to other companies that offer global life policies.

Category: No Medical Exam
Our Pick: Americlever National Insurance Company (ANICO)
Founded: 1905
Headquarters: Galveston, Texas.

The Moody family established ANICO in 1905, and the family still plays an behaveive role in the company. ANICO was named to Forbes’ “100 Most Believeworthy Companies” list in 2009.

ANICO offers a wide variety of products and policies, but they specialize in policies that don’t require a medical exam or health questions. They offer several different policies with varying coverage amounts, premiums, and terms.

Their Heritage Whole Life incertains people ages 50 to 80 and offers guaranteed approval with a fixed premium. These policies are great for people who necessity life insurance immediately, or do not have the time to go through a medical exam. In most cases you clever be approved with a policy in less than 20 minutes with ANICO.

Premiums are going to be higher when a medical exam is not required. They also have tighter limits on the amount you clever be incertaind for. You also must be careful of a two-year graded death benefit. This puposes that if the incertaind person died within the first two years of the policy, the company will pay 110% of premiums phelp, but not the payout of the policy.

Category: Clevercer Survivors
Our Pick: Prudential
Founded: 1875
Headquarters: Newark, New Jersey.

Prudential is famous for covering several “high-risk” groups that most other insurance companies won’t. With an estifriendd 14 million clevercer survivors in the United States, Prudential has become one of the leaders in providing life insurance for clevercer survivors.

Although your premium will be higher, Prudential offers great swifts for clevercer survivors. The type of clevercer and the length of remission will play a huge part in the premium and coverage amount they offer.

Category: Tobacco Users
Our Pick: Banner Life
Founded: 1949
Headquarters: Frederick, Maryground, soil.

Banner Life is an excellent company for approachly any type of policy, but especially for tobacco users. Most life insurance companies don’t specify between the types of tobaccos when underwriting a policy.

Banner Life is different. They offer “preferred tobacco” and “standard tobacco” depfinishing on the type and frequency. Banner Life has become specialists in life insurance policies for smokers and tobacco users for lower swifts.

Yes, you are still going to be paying a higher premium than someone that does not use tobacco, but Banner will help you get a lower price than approachly all other companies.

Category: Diabetics
Our Pick: Americlever General
Founded: 1919
Headquarters: New York, New York.

In the early 2000’s Americlever General became a part of the bigr and well-telln Americlever International Group (AIG). Americlever General incertains more than 88 million consumers worldwide, but we chose them because of the excellence in serving the diabetic community.

Americlever General is great at serving several groups of “high-risk” applicleverts, but specifically those looklord life insurance with type 2 diabetes. Once again, anyone with diabetes is going to pay more than someone without it, but Americlever General will help give you a lower premium.

With Americlever General you clever also take advantage of their acceleswiftd death benefit rider that lets you receive some of the benefits while you are alive.

Identify The Safest Life Insurance Companies – First And Foremost
If you want to find out some information approxifriendly your potential insurance company, here are a few things you’ll want to conmiddler.

First, check to look if your state has what is called an “insurance guaranty fund“.

At this time I’m not aware of any states who don’t have this fund, so you should be in the clear. If you’re not certain, be certain to check your Insurance State Commissioner’s resource page for your state.

What the guaranty fund covers is if something did happen to your insurance company, and it became insolvent. The state fund would boot in and pay the life insurance death benefit.

But, for this to happen, verify the caps on payout limits are big enough to take care of your life insurance policy. If you are purchatune some sort of policy which has a cash value accumulate, make certain the increatune amount is covered, too.

This a last resort option, of course, as the process clever be a bear. Don’t expect a fast turnaround on getting your money.

The second place you clever get information is visiting A.M. Best (note: Fitch, Moody’s and S&P also rank insurance companies, but more on this below). A. M. Best is one of the most recognized companies who swifts the financial strength of all the different life insurance companies currently in business.

How long have they been around?

Ummm…a while.

In fbehave, they’ve been around over 100 years, so they are definitely conmiddlered the leader in this space.

If your company is swiftd A, A+, or A++, it’s on solid ground. If your company is swiftd B or worse, it’s time to move on.

Below you’ll find more approxifriendly A.M. Best’s rating scale.

How Do A.M. Best Insurance Ratings Scale Work, Exbehavely?
When you’re loolord for the best company, one important thing to conmiddler is their A.M Best rating.

Here’s how the A.M. Best insurance ratings scale works, in a nutshell:

A++, A+, A, and A- these are the highest ratings a company clever get. If you find a company in this category, you don’t have to worry approxifriendly their financial stability.
B++, B+, B, and B- this is the next highest category. These companies still have a great financial foundation and you don’t have to worry approxifriendly these companies going bankrupt.
C++ and C+ there are only two ratings in the C category. These companies tfinish to offer very straightforward coverage with no additions. This is when you should do a lot of research with these companies, you’ll start to enter the gray area.
D buyers beware of any company in this category. These are the carriers who don’t meet the requires of A.M. Best. I highly recommfinish not buying a plan from any company below a C.
If you don’t tell where to look to get up to date ratings and reviews of all the best life insurance companies, look no further. In the table below, you will look a comprehensive list of all the life insurance companies.

Types of Life Insurance
Part of deciding which insurance company is best for your necessitys and your budget is determining what kind of coverage you necessity. There are several different kinds of coverage, and each kind has pros and cons. It’s important that you decide which kind of life insurance plan is going to fit your necessitys.

Term Life Insurance
The first, and the most general, type is term life. A term policy comes with an expiration date, usually 10 to 30 years from the date of purchase.

Once that expiration date has passed, you will no longer have insurance coverage. If you want to have life insurance after your term policy has expired, you will necessity to buy a new plan.

Because these are only temporary forms of coverage, they are much more affordable than other options. They also work well if you’d love to have a lot of coverage while you’re young and have young children but will not necessity that coverage in 20 or 30 years.

Global Life Insurance
Global life is similar to whole life in that you clever keep the policy for the rest of your life. But global life is more flexible than whole life. With a global policy, you clever change the premium and coverage amount without having to get a new policy.

There are several other sub-types of global life insurance plans that you clever select from guaranteed global life insurance, variable life insurance, and indexed global life insurance. All of these plans are pretty similar, but there are a few unique distinctions that set them apart.

Guaranteed Global Life
Guaranteed global life insurance will give you lower premiums versus some other permanent coverage, and they also have flexible premiums. You clever change your premiums (within reason), as your finances change.

Indexed Global Life
Indexed global life insurance is very similar, but it gives you the chance to get higher cash value investment options. The cash value component of the plan will be indexed to the market. There is a guaranteed floor, which puposes that regardless of how weakly the market is doing, you’ll still get a guaranteed return.

Variable Global Life
Variable global life insurance is going to give you the least amount of flexibility in how much you clever change your premiums, but it will also give you the highest cap on how much growth you clever get from the cash value. On the flip middle, they also have the chance of getting the least amount of return as well.

Whole Life Insurance
The next type of coverage is whole life insurance. As you clever guess from the name, whole life insurance policies are a permanent type of coverage. These plans are never going to expire. As long as you pay the monthly premiums for the plan, you will have life insurance protection.

These are an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want to worry approxifriendly having to reapply for coverage in the future, but that advantage is going to come with a higher price.

One of the unique advantages of whole life insurance coverage is that it builds cash value inmiddle of the policy. The longer that you have the plan, the more value it becomes. You clever use this cash value to pay the monthly premiums or to secure a loan for something else, love a car or a house renovation.

No Exam Life Insurance
One unique type of life insurance coverage is no exam policy. No exam policies let you get life insurance protection without being required to take the medical exam. These plans don’t work for everyone, but it’s something that you should be aware of when you’re seeing for the best plan.

With these plans, you’ll be able to get insurance protection much quicker, but they are going to be notably more dear than a plan that requires a medical exam because your insurance company does not tell what risk it’s talord by issuing your policy.

To get a free analysis of cites from the best life insurance companies, use the form on this page or call us at 8888-836-7071. We are here to aid you get the cheapest term cite from the best insurance companies.