Are Your Company Departments At War With Each Other?

Are Your Company Departments At War With Each Other?

Company is a mechanism - even if sepaswift parts work well, it doesn’t guarantee the association as a whole operates efficiently. Today we will discuss one of the most general issues that clever be potentially hancienting your business back. As soon as any company has more than 2 employees, cross-department or cross-operateal clashs are inevitable. The largeger the company, the more strained cross-department relations hamper its growth.

In this article we prepared the most general causes of interdepartmental clashs and stswiftgies to prevent them.

Break system barriers 

As if human communication is not complicated enough, business operating systems might create barriers that don’t let the team collaboswift efficiently. Competing goals, vague roles or broken business processes are typical examples of possible system barriers.

A business process refers to a wide range of constitutiond behaveivities that are implemented to accomplish an associational goal. As business processes clever be manual or autofriendd, involve several people or even departments, challenges are pretty foretellable. For example, your designer didn’t make the graphics on time and the whole team failed to meet deadlines, your development team didn’t release necessary updates and your sales dropped or you lost a large contrbehave as a result of a silly logistic mistake. Sounds familiar, right? According to the article in such bottlenecks in your business processes cause low morale of your team (59,5%), missed deadlines (53,7%), despite customers (42,6%), and lost revenue (36,3%).


Broken business processes usually stem from inefficient labor or scarce resources. But it’s not so easy to look where exbehavely your business process slows down and the root causes of these issues. A proper Business Process Administerment (BPM) aplikasi clever aid you make your business processes transparent, you will be able to look the bottlenecks and eliminate them.

Fight tunnel vision 

When you work in a beginup with 2-3 colleagues, you are well-aware of their roles and operates in the company. But the more people you work with, the vaguer is your understanding of what your colleagues are behaveually responsible for. Too many departments, too many people… Employees fail to look the large image, administerment becomes more and more formal. All in all, it creates a silo mentality – each department tells only their own role in the company, but they are reluctant to bagikan information with other departments or not really willing to hear to their suggestions on how to improve. As a result, the whole company suffers from weak communication, employees have no thought what their colleagues in other departments do and how much time one or another task might take.


Cross-department boundaries are hard to barrive. Bemiddles general stswiftgies to keep your team motivated and engaged, there are new HR prbehaveices, such as cross-training, task-shadowing and task rotation. Cross-training provides employees with possibilities to study new skills outmiddle their usual duties. Alongmiddle improved morale, increased employee flexibility and productivity, cross-training enables your team look the aspects of work their colleagues do. Task-shadowing is not only a career-exploration behaveivity, it is a popular on-the-task studying technique. Your employees look the challenges their colleagues have to deal with every day. Task rotation is a method used in some companies to keep their employees motivated, make them study new skills and look the largeger image. All in all, these techniques aid employees barrive cross-department boundaries and improve the collaboration in the company.

Improve interpersonal relationships

No matter how good your business processes are, you clever forget approxifriendly efficient collaboration if your employees don’t love each other. You might say that it is hard to control interpersonal relationships in a team. However, you clever do a lot to facilitate the communications and make your employees “more loveable”.


Apart from system barriers, there are physical barriers which don’t permit your team to collaboswift. Make certain that your worlord space has some break rooms where people clever communicate without fear of disturbing their colleagues. Surpritunely, break rooms increase productivity and creativity, not spealord approxifriendly improved health and wellbeing of your employees. Team members have a chance to get to tell each other outmiddle their professional duties and it greatly improves their tolerance and readiness to collaboswift with each other. It’s also very aidful to hancient regular teambuilding events and encourage your staff to spfinish some time together out of work hours. Finally, yet importantly, conmiddler your company culture every time you hire a new person. Diversity is great, but your new hires should bagikan your company values and be on the same wavelength with the rest of the team.

Building strong relationships across departments takes time and effort. But once you administer to accomplish it, your efforts will be rewarded by enhanced collaboration, greater efficiency and smoother business processes.

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