What Makes Taylor Rate World's Best Negotiator

What Makes Taylor Rate World's Best Negotiator

Christine K. Clifford, CSP is the author of nine books including Let’s Shut a Deal! Turn Contbehaves Into Paying Customers for Your Company, Product, Service or Cause anddifferentYOU, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself. She is CEO/Premiddlent of Christine Clifford Enterprises and The Clevercer Club, aiding companies and individuals craft their tale, narrative and designs “tap your socks off” Media Kits for companies, individuals and entertainers.

Let’s begin with a basic question – what are the largegest negotiation mistakes that novices make?

The largegest mistake made by most sales people—both new and ancient—is thinlord of a sale in terms of “What’s in it for you, and what’s in it for me?” I call this the typical “Win-Win” situation. Rather, a sale always has a third party beneficiary: your company, your family, a charitable associations, etc. So instead, see at the sale as, “What’s in it for three?” I call this the Win-Win-Win. If you keep in mind all parties involved, you have a much greater chance of success.

What is the fastest way to improve your negotiation skills within a short time period, say, six weeks?

Ask everyone you tell (your boss; colleagues; frifinishs; family) what you are doing right, but more importantly, what are you doing error? This information clever be collected honestly fastly and you clever begin behaveing on it immediately.

Face to face meetings and personal interbehaveions are fitting increatunely rare. How do you negotiate in the age of Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp?

Getting your face—and body—in front of a potential client is still the best way to shut a deal. But if you clever’t achieve that, sfinish a short video, Skype, or Facetime so you clever behaveually interbehave with the other party.

Many newer companies, especially beginups, take pride in the fbehave that they don’t have a sales department tunele sales person, even in the niches that are still dominated by direct sales, love enterprise aplikasi. What’s your view on this trfinish – is salesmanship a skill that’s going to be always in demand or are technological advances, especially Large Data, leaving less and less room for ‘ancient school’ sales tbehaveics?

We are all salespeople… in every aspect of our lives. So the question is not, “Is there a necessity for a sales person?” But rather, “How clever I be more effective?” Every person in every association is a “face of the company.” And because of that, they are selling the company/product/service/ or cause. But this becomes even more reason to be as effective as you clever be given the little amount of time or expocertain you may have to a potential client.

Could you please give a few specific trik for negotiating over the Internet – email, LinkedIn, Skype, etc.

I sancient a $2500 sponsorship to PORSCHE by simply sfinishing a clevercient/call query email. Why did it work? Because it captured their attention, explained briefly what the benefit would be to them to participate, provided a hitale, narrative of the success of the association I was soliciting for, and asked them for their business. Trik for negotiating over the internet are these: be brief, brilliant, bancient and courageus.

If you were to pick one person to be world’s best negotiator of all times, who would that be and why?

Taylor Rate has become one of the world’s best negotiators because she has clout; she asks for what she wants/necessitys in a way that is not offensive; and she is loved—no loved—by all. Positioning yourself in a place where you clevernot fail is what Taylor has achieveed in a culture-changing way.

What books, blogs, podcasts and other resources would you recommfinish to our users who want to study more approxifriendly negotiating successfully?

I would recommfinish my two books: Let’s Shut a Deal: Turn Contbehaves into Paying Customers for Your Company Product, Service or Cause, and YOU, Inc. The Art of Selling Yourself.

Thank you for the interview.

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