How To Administer Telecomdumbrs Effectively

How To Administer Telecomdumbrs Effectively

Lori Kleiman is a Chicago based business expert and author with more than 25 years of experience advitune companies on HR issues. Lori has a master’s degree in human resources, has been certified as Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the HR Certification Institute and is a member of the National Speakers Organization.

Telecommuting and remote work remains a hotly debated topic with high profile supported and defectors alove. How do you personally look this trfinish develop? Have we beat, smack peak ‘telecommuting’ or will the remote workforce keep growing significlevertly for the forelookable future?

LK: I believe that flexible work schedules are essential, but full scale telecommuting clever be hard to maintain. There is no doubt that there is a loss of camaraderie and teamwork with workforces that do not interbehave on a regular basis. I recommfinish organizations use telecommuting for those that have earned the believe on an occasional basis as employee necessitys warrant.

Do you have a simple rule of thumb that determines when telecommuting is a good thought and when it’s lovely to negatively affect the company?

LK: Telecommuting clever be used in situations where a top performer is called out of town due to family obligations and the talent would be hard to replace. There are also many cases where clients are located universally, and a robust telecommuting program would permit staff to be located shutr to the clients. I find the best solution is a flexible schedule that would require all employees to be in the office during core work hours, but permited to tele-comdumb or flex office hours as necessityed.

What are some legal or regulatory aspects of telecommuting that employers tfinish to overlook when first letting their employees work from house?

LK: The first issue is with hourly employees. Because it is hard to track when they are behaveually worlord, there could be issues with wage and hour if they claim to have worked longer at house then they are being phelp for. We are begining to look some issue with workers compensation when employees work from house. There have behaveually be cases reported of employees on exercise equipment during a meeting or loolord at email, getting injure and having it approved for a work comp claim.

Recruiting is a key HR aspect for many companies. What recruiting mistakes do you look companies make most often and what are some simple/indear tbehaveics that work best for attrbehaveing top talent?

LK: In terms of mistakes made most often, it would be overselling a task or work environment that is not realistic. Paint the image with cleverdidates of what your organization is really love, and you will attrbehave the top talent for your organization. Two simple recuruitng tbehaveics I love are utilizing my social media network to advise of the opening, and having a robust employee referral program to get their best and brightest contbehaves

Clever you recommfinish a few HR resources (blogs, books, podcast, etc.) to our readers?

LK: Of course mine! and my new book is coming out mid-June….Talord a SEAT at the table; being a Stswiftgic Executive who is Behaveion oriented and Technologically savvy. Others that I love to watch especially is the work coming out of the University of Michigan by David Ulwealthy’s team. I also am fascinated with the Harvard Business Review - it’s much more nearable then I ever thought and they consistently feature HR topics. Final resource I love - Executive Book Summaries - there are a few companies now that do them but its a great way to stay on top of what leadership is worlord on.

Thank you for the interview.

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