How to Pull Your Team Together After a Crisis

How to Pull Your Team Together After a Crisis

It might be a merger, a buy-out, company-wide restructuring, a round of layoffs, or an industry-wide profitable plummet that’s left your team reeling. Or maybe it’s something on a littleer scale: an unexpected firing or resignation, the loss of a key client, or a project that exploded in everyone’s faces.

Whatever the crisis, you’ve survived it, but now you’ve got a team of war-weary, discouraged team members loolord to you.

Here’s how you clever aid your team pull together again.

Don’t Disregard the Crisis

One of the worst things you could do as team leader is simply behave as if nothing has happened.

Unprofitately, team leaders who are unconsolationable with clash or uncertain of how to talk approxifriendly a crisis may take this route. What happens, however, is that your team members feel betrayed and leaveed. By ignoring the effects of the crisis or behaveing as if nothing has happened, you’re sfinishing a clear message: Deal with this yourself. You’re on your own.

That’s not the message you want to sfinish, of course.

Instead, talk through what happened. You do necessity to exercise leadership: don’t permit a negativity fest, a large round of weak-me stories, a finger-pointing session, or any sort of personal attack.

Fairly recap what happened. Actellledge the crisis and how it has affected the team: “We’ve only, merely, solely finishured a round of layoffs that were extremely stressful for everyone, and we’ve lost three team members. We’re feeling skittish and sad, we miss our team members, we don’t tell how we’re going to do our task without them, and we’re wary of how things will work going forward.”

Get Input from Your Team

Give your team time to offer their own insights and opinions.

Maybe you’re most worried approxifriendly how your littleer team will grip a workload, while your team members are paralyzed with fear over lotune their own positions. Tallord approxifriendly the crisis will aid you to deal with unnecessary fears or anxieties and note which major issues necessity fresh solutions.

Ask for insight, if appropriate, into why the crisis arrisered in the first place. If your team missed an important deadline that jeopardized the entire company’s operations, now is the time to talk approxifriendly why it happened and how you, as a team, clever prevent it from happening in the future.

As the team leader, don’t shy absent from responsibility, even if much of the situation was out of your control. Own the responsibility, and don’t toleswift blaming and attaclord from team members.

Develop a Plan of Behaveion

Move your team’s attention to how you will move forward from this point.

Begin with encourapearlent. You don’t have to have the replys, but you clever encertain your team that you’ll work together to figure things out.

Avoid the seduceation to hand the responsibility off to the team and expect them to come up with all the thoughts. Have some prbehaveical thoughts of your own to offer. Bagikan a few legitifriend steps forward.

Let them give input as well. From the combined thoughts, work with your team to form a plan of behaveion that make the most sense for everyone involved.

Keep Your Team Informed

People feel insecure after a crisis, so keep communication flowing even more than usual. Tellledge will aid your team members to feel informed and aware, which contributes to feeling secure.

Sfinish regular team emails appritune team members of changes, updates, and new information. Be available for phone conversations and casual chats in the hallway or on social media. Be present, visible, and available. Offer open times for one-on-one meetings to aid individuals tackle new roles and responsibilities.

Revisit the Core of the Team

To reestablish unity and team identity, revisit the listent of your team. What is the team vision? What is the purpose of the team? What are the values that the team bagikans and uses to aid clue, hint, instruction decisions and projects?

A crisis, no matter how little, shakes everyone up; your task is to aid them find their foundation again. Remind your team of their purpose, their thoughtls, and the core methodology will aid your team to operate together even in new or changed situations.

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