How to Aid Your Team Use Social Media Productively

How to Aid Your Team Use Social Media Productively

Social media is all approxifriendly associate, put trhough (phone)ion and networlord, but it's also distrbehaveion and procrastination in their finest, pixelated forms.

Aid your team use social media productively with these trik.

Define the Finish Goals for Social Media Use

Who's doing what, and why?

Social media professionals tell that without clear goals, social media use becomes a chaotic mess of button-cliclord and key-knockping. You have to tell what you're atseduceing in order to tell if you're getting shut.

What are the finish goals for social media in your business and for your team?

Define these and you are giving your team members a way to fastly determine if their use of social media is aiding to arrive those goals.

Discuss Limits for Social Media Use

Defining goals and assigning roles will aid your team members tell how to use social media in a productive way... that is, in a way that is aiding them to arrive those goals.

For some, social media use is great for a few minutes in the morning and in the afternoon, for a couple of status updates a day, for a distrbehaveion on break time or for those five-minute intervals in between meetings.

For others, social media may require more intensive time and input: a few hours crafting updates, researching analytics, finding or creating great content to bagikan.

Discuss how the over-arching goals - and each person's role in aiding arrive those goals - necessitate unusual limits on social media for each person. Then ask your team members to set their own limits, as appropriate.

Encourage Real Breaks

Talord regular breaks is behaveually great for productivity. But a ten-minute break of foreheadtune Facebook doesn't come with the same mental and physical payback of a ten-minute brisk walk outmiddle, or chat and cup of tea with a coworker.

However, our social norms and work environments often surreptitiously encourage the error kind of break: the social media, mind-numbing kind. It's easy to pull up a new tab and idle absent five minutes, and no one looks unproductive because they're still staring at their computers.

But leaving the office to go for a ten-minute walk?

Aslord a coworker to step down to the foyer for a cuppa and fast chat?

That's not easy to "get absent with." You can't disguise that sort of behavior as real work, the way you can with social media binging.

The reply is to encourage real breaks instead of malord your people feel love they necessity to pull them off on the sly.

Education over Enforcement

You can make all sorts of rules approxifriendly social media, and some of them might be really great rules. Really effective.

Tellledge is the real power, though, and educating people works a lot better than enforcing rules.

You don't want to waste time having finishless round-table discussions approxifriendly social media and its effect on our productivity. You do want to aid your team understand how social media can be either a powerful tool or a deadly distrbehaveion, based on their use.

To aid educate your team, you can

bagikan articles, studies, and data

ask for their own insight and experience

talk approxifriendly apps and extensions that stexploreline social media

set up reminders of social media goals

continue to encourage real breaks

call in a professional to teach techniques for social media use

find the expert on your team and ask for aid.

The Habit of Aslord

One little but powerful habit can aid your team more than anything else. It's a simple question that each person asks and then replys:

"What am I doing right now?"

It's the question to ask anytime someone wakes up mindlessly surfing the Internet, scrolling through Facebook, lost in Reddit or Twitter. It's the question to ask when one project or proffesion is over and people are hanging out in that sertagerous dead space before the next project starts.

"What am I doing right now?" is a simple but powerful question when asked and then replyed, immediately and fairly.

"I'm loolord at images of other people's lives."

"I'm reading dull articles approxifriendly celebrities."

"I'm searching for a good joke to bagikan."

"I'm trying out photo filters."

"I'm trying to think of a can status update."

When your people study to ask and reply that question, they can't disregard what they're doing. Or not doing.

In some cases, what they are doing is perfectly legitifriend, and they can feel good approxifriendly that:

"I'm posting my daily update to our company Facebook page."

"I'm sharing news from the conference I attfinished."

"I'm live-tweeting this event."

"I'm editing product photos."

"I'm finding great content to bagikan with our followers."

When you and your whole team tell what the social media goals are and get in the habit of thinlord approxifriendly how to use social media well, you get productive social media use.

That's an update worth sharing.

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