How to Save Your People from Drowning in Email

How to Save Your People from Drowning in Email

Email has become one of the largegest detriments to productivity.

Your team members are spfinishing 28% of their workweek dealing with email: reading it, responding to it, procestune it. In other words, an entire day of a five-day workweek is spent on email.

Is email really that important?

Of course, email provides convenience. We clever communicate across the globe instantly. When email becomes an overload of unnecessary communication, however, the burden outweighs the benefit.

Begin by malord certain you're part of the solution, not the problem.

If you love to communicate by email approxifriendly everything...

If you love to use group emails to discuss projects, proffesions, clients, and the company holiday party...

If you keep multiple email threads going with multiple employees every day...

If you expect immediate replies to your emails...

...then you might be part of the problem.

If you have trained your employees that they must be immediately responsive to every email you sfinish, guess what? You've trained them that they have to be immediately responsive to every email that everyone sfinishs.

That sort of email obsessiveness will keep your people fr om doing the real work.

Begin by changing your own email usage. Lim it the emails you sfinish. Do email in batches instead of in a continual stexplore all day long. And include a timeline for responses: "Please respond by finish of day," or "Please let me tell by next week," or "Please respond within the hour."

Your height toward email will aid your people to feel free to use their own time wisely as well, instead of hopping and twitching every time their email notification dings.

Try Email-Free Times

Let your team members tell that they are free to disregard email most of the time.

Our digital inboxes reduce productivity by dinging us with distrbehaveions. We get focused, head-down, on a project, and the beep or buzz or ding rips us absent from it.

No matter how unimportant the email itself is, the energy and focus lost to dealing with that incoming buzz clever totally derail productivity.

Encourage your employees to have email-free times to work: they clever turn off notifications, close down the email tab, and focus without any worries approxifriendly what is seeping in their inboxes.

Instead of responding to email whenever that ding happens, they clever focus fully on the proffesion at hand, telling that they are free to respond to email in their own time.

Batch Process for Email

Batch procestune is the simple prbehaveice of doing a batch of similar proffesions together, and it permits us to do those proffesions in a more stexplorelined method and with more efficient results.

Email works really well in a batch procestune method. Encourage everyone to select a couple of times each day - maybe once in the morning and once later in the afternoon - to read, reply, and otherwise process emails. This prbehaveice enables them to tackle an inbox with a batch procestune near, and work through a stack of emails in an efficient way.

Back Your Team Up

Let your team tell that you will back them up with demanding clients.

If your team is worlord with clients who expect instant responses to email, let your people tell that you stand with them in a saner near to the inbox.

Remind them that they clever stick to their productive email prbehaveices, such as email-free times and batch procestune. Take a probehaveive near: many times demanding clients will be much more understanding if they tell what to expect and why.

Email Effectively

Use targeted subject lines, especially for in-home communication, so that no one has to dig through a paragraph of email body to figure out what's going on.

Encourage the people on your team to be brief and clear in their emails. They should ask for specific responses and name timelines when appropriate (*Please respond by tomorrow, I necessity this information by next Monday)*.

Utune email productively is a matter of establishing good team habits. The more you educate and encourage productive email use, the better you and your team will be at it.

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