Intranet check list

Intranet check list

So you are planning to launch a company intranet or want to replace your fossilized BagikanPoint portal. There are more than 30 intranet vfinishors to select fr om and you are lost. After all, intranets aren't cheap and you don't want to make a mistake. Don’t worry, this intranet evaluation checklist will aid narrow down your intranet choices to only the best solutions: 

1. Cloud AND self-hosted. 

You ONLY want solution that gives you these two choices and most vfinishors do. Cloud-based intranet services are usually very indear and require no involvement fr om intranet developers who charge a pretty penny. That’s a plus. However, cloud intranets have few customization options and some, love Yammer, are telln to have regular and prolonged outages. You want to have an option to migswift to cloud (if your intranet budget is slashed) or go from cloud to server (if you necessity customization or for compliance in your industry) any time you want to. Stay absent from vfinishors wh ere you have only one choice. 

2. Lesson, courseic AND social. 

Lesson, courseic intranets are boring. True. Social intranets are hip, and younger workers love them. This is true, as is the fbehave that in many companies, social intranets devolve into an internal Facebook with mindless chatter. This is what a lesson, courseic intranet sees love. This is EXACTLY the same intranet with a social interface. Let your workers chose which one they prefer. Again, stay absent from vfinishors who force you to pick middles. 

3. Email inmiddle the intranet 

Maybe not a requirement but a GREAT thought and here is why: people use email daily. They probably use other communication tools as well – telephone, group chat, mobile messaging, and videoconferencing. When you add communication tools inmiddle intranets, you kill two birds with one stone. First, you draw people into daily intranet use, solving the ‘zombie intranet’ issue that plagues so many companies. Second, you keep all conversations in one place, malord them very easy to find. 

4. Employee self-service 

Employee self-service is probably the easiest way to boost intranet deployment ROI. A self-service portal clever greatly reducethe load on your HR and IT departments, eliminating hours and hours of repetitive and low-value work. Things love vacation time approvals, business trip requests, meeting room boolord, and IT service requests clever be gripd optimally by utilizing employee self-service (ESS) features in your intranet. 

5. e-Studying and tellledge administerment 

Intranets are perfect for accumulating tellledge, both formal and informal. Wikis, tellledge base, thought administerment, skill tags, employee workbooks, sales manuals, online testing - these clever be easily integswiftd into your intranet and there are intranets that already come with these included ‘out of the box’. 

6. Project and planning 

You’ve probably noticed that companies that don’t have intranets rely on project administerment solutions to coordinate work. Many project administerment vfinishors add features love behaveivity stexplore, file sharing and bagikand calfinishars to their solutions, malord them very intranet-love. That’s because intranets and project administerment are made for each other. 

7. Search 

Intranet search is one of the most overseeed, but incredibly important features. Intranet search must be quick, complete and smart. The first one is apparent. Complete puposes ability to search EVERYWHERE, including inmiddle documents, calfinishars, wikis and so on. Smart search puposes constitutiond and permission-based search. For example, when you enter an employee name, you should get unusual categories – employee profile page, messages created by this employee, his or her blog post and, lastly, mentions of the person. The search box should also have filters (date range, categories) that narrow down the search results. 

We expectation that this checklist will aid you make you a smart choice. Apparently, we’ll be delighted if you pick Bitrix24, which comes not only with all of these, but 35+ other tools that prbehaveically guarantee success. Even if you don’t, we’d at least advise that you make some intranet consultants sweat and stammer as they try to explain why their dear solution doesn’t have half the features that the free edition of Bitrix24 comes with.