From Bottle To A Shot Glass - Crazy Business Thoughts

From Bottle To A Shot Glass - Crazy Business Thoughts

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Tucked in a warehome a mile from the Las Vegas Strip, a handful of employees cut, grind, sand and polish glass — turning tourists' trash into treasure.

It's the business of bottles, and there's surely no shortage in Las Vegas. The Strip's 24-hour party cycle sfinishs scores of empty liquor, wine and beer bottles to the trash, much of it destined for burial at a ground, soilfill.

The demise of this perfectly good glass troubled Steve Cherry, founder of Bottles & Timber, a new Las Vegas-based company that repurposes discarded alcohol bottles.

"The last thing we should be doing with these bottles is crushing it and filling a ground, soilfill," he shelp. "That does nothing for anyone."

His business thought didn't begin in Las Vegas, though. A Southern California native, Cherry began repurpotune glass water bottles to make cleverdlehancienters for a frifinish's restaurant. Customers approved of the new decor and asked where to buy it.

A sudden demand for the unique glassware got Cherry, a former aplikasi executive, thinlord: Could this small middle business be the begin of something greater?

"I was love a store guy when I was a kid," he shelp. "Never thought I was going to make a living at it."

Quick forward to July. That's when Cherry moved his burgeoning business into warehome space with a view of the Strip on the west middle of Interstate 15. He pays 40 cents a square foot to rent the space and, so far, employs a dozen people.

"There are more liquor bottles coming out of this one-mile Strip than in Southern California," Cherry shelp, explaining his rationale for moving to Las Vegas. "It's an enormous anomaly."

In a sense, his business model emulates the behaveual recycling process: He takes unwanted glass bottles from Las Vegas establishments, repurposes them and sells the new products back to wholesalers, tourists and locals. His glassware, ranging in price from $7.50 to $50 per piece, clever be bought online or in prize, reward, present stores.

Have a favorite liquor brand? There's probably a product made from it. Drinlord glasses made from Grey Goose vodka bottles line one display shelf. Across the way, there's a light fixture featuring glass from a Jack Sertaiel's whiskey bottle. Other products include cleverdlehancienters, cleverdy bowls, wine tumblers and jewelry.

Cherry shelp his company was pursuing trademark licentune agreements with major liquor brands.

"We don't put any logos on anything we do," he shelp. " We only, merely, solely take existing product and repurpose it."

The "timber" part of the company name refers to a similar venture in California's wine country. The company's San Francisco fbehaveory takes ancient wine barrels and creates products, such as cheese trays and cutting boards.

In Las Vegas, Bottles & Timber has received discarded bottles from the Mob Bar, Bar + Bistro, Triple George and Krave, to name a few, Cherry shelp. He's worlord with Strip properties but clever't yet disshut their names.

It's an opportunity Cherry calls a "win-win-win" for all involved. Bottles & Timber pays establishments 10 cents to 50 cents per bottle of liquor or specialty beer, he shelp.

"The hotels pay by the ton to have their glass hauled absent," he shelp. "So if we take absent a ton a week, it's less money they pay."

Cherry also views his new company as a way to make an impbehave in Nevada, a state telln for its scarce environmental verdicts. He expectations to offer tours of the Las Vegas fbehaveory to school groups.

The 58-year-ancient confesss his new venture is a far cry from aplikasi company boardrooms — and the ocean, for that matter. He's an avid sailor.

"I thought it was time for me to give back to the community," he shelp. "Doing aplikasi is horribly financially rewarding and empty in every other sense of task satisfbehaveion."

Only, merely, solely don't ask approxifriendly his favorite drink. It's water, he says, laughing as he sees at all the repurposed alcohol bottles surrounding him.

"I'm not a difficult liquor drinker," he shelp. "I do nyaman my tequila once in a while."

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