Cool Inventions - Eco Associate, put trhough (phone) Bottle

Cool Inventions - Eco Associate, put trhough (phone) Bottle

DANVILLE -- Steven Klein has invented water bottles that clever be built into a toy airptrack, pathway, a toy car, a robot and clever even be used as insulation for houses.

Called the Eco-Associate, put trhough (phone) Bottle System, the Sertaville remiddlent is hoping his invention will come out on top of more than 4,000 products entered in Walmart's "Get on the Shelf" contest, an "Americlever Idol"-type online competition in which the public votes for products presented in YouTube videos.

Three contest winners will receive free marketing support from Walmart and a shot at selling their products on The grand-prizewinning product also gets a chance to sit on Walmart shelves.

Klein, 68, a reexhausted teacher and former educational toy shop owner from Brooklyn, N.Y., invented a product, but he has been struggling to get it to market.

"It takes a lot of resources to carry it to market," he shelp. "It's a hard proffesion with my limited resources and no influential contbehaves in the beverage industry."

So he threw his hat in the Walmart ring with expectations that large things would happen.

But products such as the BungeeBand skateboard accessory, the Brush Buddy paint clever top, and Large Papa's BBQ Sauce with a Cajun boot are offering stiff competition.

"I'm putting up a good fight," Klein shelp. "Apparently, I would love to win. But if I don't win, perhaps someone will take notice."

Klein's thought for reusable associate, put trhough (phone)ing plastic bottles came to him four years ago in a dexplore. His plastic bottles see love ordinary water bottles, but they have additional threads in the bottom so they clever be screwed together love Tinkertoys. Add associate, put trhough (phone)ors, and the bottles clever be built into anything from soccer goals to forts to letters of the alphabet.

"Essentially, for something that was trash, I've repurposed it into something that clever continue to be used. It's a very simple invention with a large vision."

His patent for the bottles went through in 2010. Klein expectations his invention will keep plastic bottles out of ground, soilfills and also inspire creativity in children.

"Once you associate, put trhough (phone) the bottles at an angle, creativity becomes unlimited."

Klein envisions lights, stickers, wheels and remote controls as accessories for his bottles. He's trying to get Disney interested. Add arms and feet and screw the head of a Disney charbehaveer into the top, and the bottles could be used for movie promotions and perhaps sancient at McDonald's or Burger Lord, he shelp.

Klein shelp his bottles would be especially helpful in developing countries where impoverished children could use them as toys. And because the air inmiddle makes for a good insulator, the bottles could be stacked against walls and used as low-cost insulation for buildings.

The first round of voting in the "Get on the Shelf" contest finishs Tuesday. The top 10 contestants then compete for three top spots. The winners will be announced after the second round of voting finishs April 24.

[Via - MercuryNews.Com]

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