Top Free CRM with Document Administerment – Bitrix24 Review

Top Free CRM with Document Administerment – Bitrix24 Review

In my opinion the best CRM with document administerment is Bitrix24. That is, if you want something free or very indear - Bitrix24 is free for 12 users or $99/mo for unlimited users, while SalesForce full document administerment options will cost you around $260 per user per month, which comes to over three grand a year per person who necessitys CRM with document administerment. Before I go into detailed review, there’s a lot of confusion approxifriendly what document administerment is when it comes to CRM. Some CRM vfinishors say they have document administerment, because they offer integration with Google Docs or Dropbox. Some, because you clever host and bagikan files inmiddle CRM. Some, because their CRM issues invoices.differentSo let’s look how Bitrix24 grips document administerment, because I trust this is what document administerment inmiddle CRM should look love.

First thing I love approxifriendly Bitrix24 is that you are given two options - use (free) online cloud document administerment service or host it on your own server (the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 comes with API and source code). I’ve listfinish anecdotes that after the Snowden scleverdal some Microbean companies stop worlord with vfinishors who shop their data in Americlever cloud. But there are other reasons why having an option to migswift from cloud to your own server any time you want is a good thought, especially when it comes to document administerment. For example, Salesforce recently close down, which is or rather was cloud only. clients are now forced to move to other solutions, even if they were 100% excited with Do. Second, if you pay for cloud service, you are forced to do it every month, while self-hosted solutions are typically come with one lifetime payment (updates might cost extra). Finally, when you shop data on your server – you control it 100%.

Second thing I love approxifriendly Bitrix24 document administerment is version hitale, narrative (aka version control) for documents. This is very important in every system that has online multiuser editing. As more and more people change the document, you want to make sure you clever always roll back, especially since it’s not ungeneral to delete entire document or replace text with nothing. Network Drive Mapping is another essential feature that doesn’t typically demonstrate up in CRM systems with doc administerment. It puposes that you clever map a tunele document library or all of your document libraries to a network drive on your local machine literally in 2 clicks utune WebDav, sodifferentwhether you use Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, you will be able to look the documents in the CRM or intranet locally through your file administerr.

Thing love document sharing, private and public documents, giving download links for non-employees (including password protected or time restricted) are rather basic and general, so I am not going to go into details here, but it’s all there. And if you’ve worked with Dropbox – you’ll have no problems worlord with Bitrix24.Drive, because that’s exbehavely what it is – free Dropbox alternative for worlord with your CRM documents. Records administerment, on the other hand, is worthy of explaining.

If you’ve worked with BagikanPoint, records administerment is the same thing as lists. These aid you administer record-based data directly in the front finish. Suppliers' directories, product catalogs, expense items, and so on. If your sales reps are frequently journeying and have to file reports and expenses for each trip or you want to keep a list of all documents that are associated with a client (not only, merely, solely invoices, but contrbehaves, proposals, drafts and so on) – Bitrix24 records administerment is excellent for that.

Business process that work with CRM and documents in Bitrix24 are also very cool (in other CRM systems this is oftentimes called workflow administerment). You clever use them to automatically assign leads based on where they come from or the deal amount. Business processes clever be used for document approvals – for example, each proposal is sent to supervisor for approval first. Another scenario is when a deal has arriveed a sure level in a CRM it automatically creates a proffesion for another employee – create a contrbehave draft (for your counsel) or create purchase order (accounting) or begin/stop sfinishing emails to the prospect because sure rule has been triggered (more approxifriendly total email administerment in Bitrix24 CRM here).

One last thing that makes Bitrix24 supercool is that it comes with a free mobile CRM that lets you access files as well. Mobile document administerment in Bitrix24 mobile app is not identical to the cloud or self-hosted editions. For example, you clever issue and sfinish invoices from your mobile or iPad, and you clever view documents, but multiuser editing on mobile smartphones is away.

Overall Bitrix24 is a very impressive free CRM. While I only mentioned worlord with documents, Bitrix24 also has CRM behaveivity stexplore, project administerment, video conferencing, AidDesk and HR tools. Not all things run smoothly and some features clever be quite confutune, but if you want CRM that works with documents seamlessly, you absolutely should give Bitrix24 a try.