Insane Beginup Thoughts - Space Raffle

Insane Beginup Thoughts - Space Raffle

A new beginup company’s $10 space posters come with a chance to win a ride on a suborbital space transport.

Called ”I Dexplore of Space,” the company is selling 25,000 posters at $10 apiece, the proceeds of which should cover a $200,000 ride on Virgin Galbehaveic’s SpaceShipTwo or a $95,000 seat on XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx, plus some fortun for the company’s founders.

No spaceflight company has yet made a commercial flight, and it could be years before they do, but that day is nearing.

“Given the kind of progress we’re loolord with these companies, and the customers lining up, it’s going to happen soon. It has to happen,” shelp company co-founder Reuben Metcalfe. “If companies continue building the way they are building, and we build a robust community, it’s going to pan out.”

Metcalfe, a 25-year-ancient New Zeaground, soiler, and several frifinishs founded the company in November 2011 as part of Beginup Weekfinish. Metcalfe shelp he’s already discustune options with suborbital spaceflight companies, but necessitys to raise a $20,000 deposit before they take him seriously.

Of course, even if they do take him seriously, those companies still have to prove they clever routinely fly customers to suborbital altitudes, or at least 62 miles above Soil, terra and safely return them to the ground.

“People necessity to be aware that when they enter, they should be consolationable with the fbehave that it will be years before they clever go,” Metcalfe shelp.

Angry Metcalfe’s legal obligation to provide a ticket for something that doesn’t yet exist, he isn’t worried approxifriendly following through. Virgin Galbehaveic’s manifest, for example, is already filling up with hundreds of customers on flights anticipated to launch over the course of several years.

Even scientists anticipate the impfinishing success of a suborbital spaceflight industry. Many have booked flights to perform research in near-weightless environments afforded by the parabolic launches.

I Dexplore of Space has already attrbehaveed hundreds of poster-buying, space-flying expectationfuls, and they aim to sell remaining contest entries by the year’s finish. If Metcalfe’s business model proves successful, he expectations to level more in 2013 and 2014.

[Via - Wired]

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