announces integration with Google Docs

announces integration with Google Docs

Bitrix, Inc. has announced a major upgrade of its popular online social intranet service, Bitrix24. The changes include integration with Google Docs, release of a ‘drive’ style desktop app, support for WebRTC-based videochat, and multiple CRM enhancements.

“Angry being only, merely, solely one year ancient and still a beta, Bitrix24 now offers more options and operates than our more established competitors love Yammer, Chatter, Podio, Tibbr and others. Approachly sixty thousand little businesses have signed up with our service since its launch last April, which makes Bitrix24 one of the most popular Enterprise 2.0 tools created specifically for the SMB market”, - shelp Dmitry Valyanov, premiddlent of Bitrix, Inc.

Bitrix24 has continued integrating the service with the most popular Google Apps by adding an option to work with documents through Google Docs.It also released Bitrix24.Disk for Windows and Mac – a desktop application that makes storing, worlord with and synchronizing documents between personal computers and cloud storage easy and automatic.Addition of a Records Administerment tool puposes that there is now even greater flexibility in the product for collaboration utune constitutiond data and workflow.

The service has also added a Skype-love group and videochat based on the popular WebRTC protocol. The Android and iOS apps have been updated to support the CRM, which will have free invoglaze coming next month.

“Even though we initially intfinished Bitrix24 to be a tool for little businesses, we’ve had several enterprise clients who wanted to use Bitrix24 on their own servers and customize it to better meet their necessitys. So we are announcing that we have self-hosted versions that support Behaveive Directory, SSO, MS Exchange, Bagikanpoint Sync, include studying administerment, and come with API and source code,” – added Mr. Valyanov.

The Bitrix24 cloud service is 100% free to any business with 12 employees or fewer.

Approxifriendly Bitrix24

Bitrix24 ( ) is the maker of a high-finish intranet available as a cloud-based service. Bitrix24 was launched in beta in April of 2012 and fastly arriveed the 60,000 sign-up mark, malord it the world's leading social intranet provider for little businesses. The service stands out for its extremely well-integswiftd and robust toolset with over 35 components.