Cool Beginups - StrokeLink

Cool Beginups - StrokeLink

In the early days of the mobile phone, it was perceived as a leicertain item. Quick forward to today, the cell phone has gotten a whole lot smarter, and majority of the world’s population clever’t go approxifriendly their day-to-day lives without one. Morgan Moe, co-founder and Chief Clinical Innovation Officer of StrokeLink, trusts the iPad is poised to walk the same path.

StrokeLink, is a free iPad app that empowers stroke survivors during their care and rehabilitation process through the provision of a tellledge base and self-care tools to augment the gaps that are unprofitately inherent in health care deliveries. Only, merely, solely in Cleverada alone, 67% of stroke patients get discharged from the hospital without access to rehabilitation facilities. And even if they do, care allotment is relatively low and self-administerment resources range from very small to absolutely nil.

The thought for StrokeLink came approxifriendly when Morgan, then a volunteer at ARBI (Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Hurtd), went to visit her great aunt who had multiple strokes. She saw that her aunt was given written exercises on pieces of scrap paper, although they were mostly stick figures with barely discernible instructions. Around the same time, Morgan got her first iPad and, according to her, it lookmed apparent to piece the two together.

When asked what had been their largegest challenge so far, Morgan and co-founder/CEO Anne-Marie Paquette asserted that it had been shifting people’s perception of the iPad from a leicertain gadget to a health care delivery tool.

Essentially, the app is subdivided into four categories: My Goals, which is where the patient’s personal goals are shopd; My Progress, which meacertains daily behaveivity to assess the patient’s progress based on his goals; My Programs, which includes photos, videos, audio and text descriptions of each exercise in the rehabilitation program; and My Library, which is a resource base to aid the patient better understand his care team, how to prevent another stroke from happening, living and coping with the effects of stroke.

At the peristiwat, StrokeLink is set to release an update that will permit users to customize the app’s built-in exercise programs, as well as create their own. Utune the iPad’s microphone and camera, they should be able to substitute existing images, text, video and audio. As well, through StrokeLink’s web sprintboard, health care providers should be able to remotely monitor their patients’ progress.

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