DudaMobile Takes On Apple And Android

DudaMobile Takes On Apple And Android

In February of this year, Mashable reported that for the first time in hitale, narrative, device sales overtook PC sales in terms of units, the real tale, narrative being the popularity of the device ritune relentlessly.

The device, as we tell it today, puposes information at your fingertrik, flexible worlord, better association, quicker communication, better sharing of information, among other things. Industry experts agree that the device is yet to look a sharp wane in its upward trajectory. And the way things are going for the device, that won’t be anytime soon. As a matter of fbehave, people are now foreheadtune the Internet via a device more than via a desktop.

With that as a backdrop, if you’re a situs owner, you’ll do good to tell that ensuring your situs is mobile-optimized clever be fortunable for your business. To aid you do that, here’s a brief review of DudaMobile, a do-it-yourself service that converts regular websites to mobile sites that clever work with all devices.

Here’s your step-by-step do-it-yourself clue, hint, instruction to get that situs roclord the device as well:

- On DudaMobile’s housepage, type in your website’s URL and click on Make My Site Mobile.

- Next, you’ll be given a number of templates to select from.

- Once you’ve made up your mind on a template, within minutes, DudaMobile imports all of your site’s content – text, pictures, links, everything!

- You clever then edit unusual things, including talord out text, links, pictures or other stuff that look out of place.

- When you’re ready to test things out, simply add a code (or install a plugin) to the main site for a mobile redirect.

What’s commentable approxifriendly DudaMobile is that you don’t have to be on the techie middle to get things done. All in, average time to get setup is approxifriendly 10 to 15 minutes. And what’s even more impressive is that whenever you make changes to your main site, your mobile site is automatically updated – for free!

DudaMobile’s basic package, which is free, clever let you customize up to 10 pages. The premium package, which costs $9 per month, permits you to work on unlimited pages, offers unlimited bandwidth, ads-free and customizable footer, your own mobile URL (m.yourcompany.com), phone and e-mail support, mobile site analytics, maps and directions.